Air Conditioner Split Systems - A Comfort Home Product

Among home comfort essentials, air conditioner is an appliance that people from the tropics just have to own because of their warm climate condition, as well as people from the temperate zone, where summer temperature can really be as hot as in the tropics. We all know that people will always be productive if they are in a comfortable environment and much more so if their living temperature conditions are cool but not biting. In most commercial buildings, windows are so designed to be always closed for reasons that these buildings have a central air-conditioning unit operating within to allow people to move about in a cool atmosphere and be comfortable. Another purpose for closed windows is for safety reasons, knowing that there's much danger if windows are open in skyscrapers.

Air conditioning is the process of removing heat or humidity from a confine or closed space resulting in a cool air. This process is basically applied in an air-conditioner unit, which makes home cooler by drawing heat out of the house and replacing the air inside the house with a cooler air. In a split system, the compressor in the unit condenses and circulates the refrigerant changing it from gaseous state to a liquid state. The liquid refrigerant is then forced through the indoor evaporator coil, which is the cooling compartment.

The fan inside the unit circulates the inside air from the room to pass across the evaporator fins and these fins exchange the heat energy from the air around it, which causes the liquid refrigerant to turn into vapor, removing the heat from the surrounding air. One the heat is removed from the air, the temperature of the air cools down and air is blown back into the house. Then the condenser outside the house converts the gaseous refrigerant back to its liquid state, removing the heat. By the time the liquid refrigerant leaves the evaporator, the refrigerant becomes a cool, low-pressure gas, returning back to the compressor until another cycle is started again. This process goes on until the cooling temperature in the house is lower than the outside temperature. Visit this website at to know more!

There are two types of air conditioners - split system and window type. The difference between the air conditioner split system and window air conditioner is that the split system is made up of two parts, such that one unit is outside the house while the other is inside the house, while the window type is just one unit, although both units work on the same principal of cooling. Also, the split type is applicable in large offices and big rooms while the window type is suitable in creating comfort for small rooms. In the window type, you have to have a window, while in the split type the interior unit is connected to the compressor unit, found outside the building, through a small hole in the wall.