Foam Products: A Guide

Do you know the different types of foam?

Every individual of no matter what professional background has already dealt with foam at least once his or her life.  There are several uses of foam. We see them in baby toys, for bath products, gears for sports, and equipment for the medical field.  And companies who manufacture the said products all depend on foam to keep their industry alive.

Although some products do not use foam at all, foams of special quality were developed to cater to various industries.  This lead to the multiple types of foams.  Multiple type of foams are now available in the market to cater to various industry needs.

So what is the role of foam products ? Let us name the ways.  Foam may help in the performance of a certain product.  There are foam types which serves as insulators while others are used to create an absorbent material called the sponge.

Knowing the different types of foam will help the user in selecting which one would be suitable for a specific purpose.

We will discuss here in this article the different types of foam.

One type of foam is the polyether foam.  The polyether foam is an all-purpose type of foam.  The polyether foam is light in weight and absorbs well.  Polyether foam is manufactured to produce sponges, cushions, packaging, paint roller, and others of the like. This is the type of foam which are used for manufacturing cosmetics and toys.

Another type of foam at this uk site is the polyester foam.  The polyester foam is that type of foam used for display packaging and is fire retardant. As how the polyether foam is, the polyester foam is also light in weight but is available in different densities.  It is also commonly used in recording studies for blocking the sound.  This type of foam is also used for gaskets and cushioning.

Another type of foam is the ethafoam.  This foam is denser than polyester and polyether foam.  It is a good material for  shock absorption.  This type of foam is commonly used in packaging of electronic equipments and flotation applications.  This type of foam is extruded or laminated.

We do not hear this very often but there is a foam type called volara.  Volara is also dense.  It can only be shaped through thermoforming.  Similar to ethafoam, this foam can be laminated.  It is usually used together with adhesive tapes.  This foam serves as an insulator or protective padding, and is also more commonly used for medical products. Volara are usually sold in rolls.